Hello All, hopefully your weekend was as good as mine (Chillax:) )? It’s Monday, new start of the week, let us start with some street art? I am currently preparing my next trip ( back to Portugal 16 December  till 1 January) where my love and interest in Street Art will be (again) prominently present. And that made me think that I still have a lot of street art to share from my previous Portugal trip (December 2017).

One of the artists I want to introduce today is Hazul,  a Porto based self-taught artist.  At the age of 16, he began to color public spaces streets under the pseudonym Pong 02. The drawing of letters was his main focus in the beginning, but around 2008 he started to paint  under the name of Hazul. His works of today can be easily recognized by clear colors, lines, geometric forms and tribal peoples. In Porto I  have discovered 16 creations, in Estarreja one large scale Hazul mural.

Click to enlarge the pictures

A Large Scale Hazul Mural in Estarreja
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