Hello all! Quietly I try to blog a bit more. Enough content to share but just really not enough time to process everything (pictures: check / post-process, archive photos of my hunted street art, create blog posts etc,…). Well, I think I’m not the only one with that ‘problem’ but the most important thing is and will always be what we do outside of our “online” life, and for me it just goes well. 2 weeks ago I traveled to Ireland (street art hunting in Waterford / cycling Waterford Greenway and discovering Cork) and my next flight is already booked, a real “go with the flow” trip starting from  Lisbon (16/12) and end in Faro, the south of Portugal (fly back home on New Year’s Day).
But now, on topic 🙂 and the topic of today is “Places People Live“. I thought it was an interesting theme (Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge) and an opportunity to share my photos that I have shot of nicely decorated houses in the northern French city of Cassel earlier this year (June).  If you like this houses, then you might be interested to have a look at my previous blog post: Thursday Doors: Cassel.

Click to enlarge the pictures

A selection of 6 houses, bit different style/decoration, would be great to know which house that you like the most. Feel free to share your opinion in the comments section. Until next time…


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