There is now an end to my series of doors photographed in Spain (Barcelona, Balaguer, Penelles and Zaragoza). The doors I want to show you this week have been photographed in the Northern French town of Cassel, or perhaps better said: located in French Flanders, a place where our symbol, the Flemish lion, is still very prominent (and even the old Flemish language).

The photos were taken at the beginning of June when I’ve spend there a weekend with my godchild Joran,his godmother and his parents. A weekend full of music (the annual Bagpipers festival Les Cornemuses) and folklore. And the good and nice thing is, my company their wanderlust is at least as big as mine, always in to discover new places and endless strolls. Although they asked me why I photograph doors during our walks:). Yes, because of Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge:).

Click to enlarge the pictures

Big Wooden Garage Door
Nicely decorated entrance
Pastel green painted door
a classic door in wood and glass

Interested to see a bit more of this rather unknown French town? Maybe you have missed my previous post about Cassel? Check out: Along the City Walls of Cassel

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