Pardubice, a city that is probably unknown territory for many of you, but for me a city that changed my life 18 years ago. As a participant in an international exchange project for schools for bakery and food technology schools, I got the opportunity to go to Pardubice for 2 months at the age of 20, a city 100 kilometers east of Prague. In all those years I have returned 40 or 41 times (lost counting), to party, to attend ice hockey games of the local pride HC Pardubice with my amigos and amigas :), to celebrate ‘Silvester’ (31 December), or Carodejka (witches night on 30 April).

Pardubice may not be the biggest tourist hotspot in the Czech Republic, but certainly worth a day trip if you are staying in Prague. If you go to Pardubice, a visit to the old city should not be missed. The “Zelena Brana” (Green Gate) is the gateway to the main square of the city: Pernštýnské náměstí (Pernstejn Sqaure). Take the time to explore the old city and dare to get lost in the narrow streets surrounded by its pastel-colored Renaissance houses.

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8 thoughts on “The Pastel Colored Houses of Pardubice’s Old Town

  1. What a beautiful city! In your photos it looks sleepy and almost idyllic, but it sounds like the night life is quite vibrant, yes? 🙂 How lucky you were to spend some time here in your 20s … and how lucky we are to see it through your eyes!

    1. It’s indeed idyllic, sure the old town. For the rest not so much difference with other cities in Eastern Europe: in the suburbs, a lot of big flatbuildings. 18 years ago, the nightlife was more vibrant then now to my opinion but is ok:), my friends there prefer now just going to pub and chat… the craziness is a bit gone by the years:). Thanks for passing by and leave a lovely comment, greets Stef

      1. I suppose that some of the craziness we encounter in our youth is actually the craziness we bring with us, eh? 🙂

  2. Some of my ancestors were from that area. Policka, Chrudim, Prosec, Vranice, Oldris Borova. They emigrated to the US in the 1840s-1860s. Your photos make me want to visit the area.

    1. hI, Thanks for passing by:). East Bohemia is a very nice, maybe a bit underrated, region. I have been a few times in Chrudim, very lovely charming town. Hopefully you can manage it someday and go to the roots of your ancestors. Regards Stef

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