When someone asks me: what is the most favorite and fascinating city you have ever been in, I always answer: Buenos Aires. Why? Chemistry.  Maybe because it was the first city ever I visited in South America, and it was love at first sight: archictecture, street art and the people. Since 2015 I have been a 3 x in Buenos Aires and what I do as much as possible: an evening walk through the charming Barrio San Telmo to the slightly more modern port district of Puerto Madero. In this blog post, 4 monochrome pictures I took during one of those walks (photographed March 2018).

Click to enlarge the pictures

This blogpost is my entry to Ryan Photography’s  Mid-Week Monochrome Challenge.


11 thoughts on “Monochrome Buenos Aires

    1. Thanks a lot:). 3 weeks BA, still not enough!:). When I go to BA, I just pick a few Barrios and make endless walks (in search f street art:). In March, I discovered Coghlan and Barracas… so different. Hopefully tickets get cheaper middle december, back to Argentina(BA and Patagonia hopefully). Which barrio did you like the most? Your hidden gems? Gr Stef

        1. Never been too Mataderos. Thanks for the advice. I have been in the most dangerouse part of La Boca and Almirante Brown… massive good street art to find(sure in Almirante) but indeed… more then 15 locals adviced me to not go to the next “qaudras” or blocks… . I left That area quickly… burned cars, slums, homeless. But is also a part of my favo city BA. Stef

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