For those who love street art, has certainly heard of the Uruguayan street art collective “Colectivo Licuado”, which consist of  the duo Florencia Duran “Fitz” and Camilo Núñez “Theic”. Currently they travel the world and performing their talent at the most renowned street art festivals (Loures Artes Publics Lisbon,Re:Think Sisak, The Crystal Ship,…) and their popularity is on the rise. In the this years (2018) edition of The Crystal Ship in my hometown Oostende (Belgium), they have painted on the walls of the Ensor Institute their artwork “El Equilibrio” (The Balance).

Colectivo Licuado on the World Wide Web

Location: Blauwkasteelstraat 103

6 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2018: Colectivo Licuado

    1. Yup, The artwork is about my hometown, a port city where the locals can understand what it is to expect the storm and what it is to wait for the calm. So in a way… sensual, relax, rest… yes. Thanks for leaving a comment and enjoy your Sunday:)

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