Hello all! Many of you know  already that I have a big preference for Street Art, and the most familiar form under Street Art are the painted or with graffiti sprayed walls. But in this blogpost, it’s about the ceramic/mosiac houses in the “Pasaje Lanin” in Barracas, Buenos Aires.

In March of this year I returned to Buenos Aires, and one of the neighborhoods that I certainly wanted to visit this time was Barracas.  Barracas is located on the southern border of the city, on the river Riachuelo and close to the more known barrios San Telmo and La Boca.

Many of the travelers who have been to the nearby barrios San Telmo and La Boca were undoubtedly enchanted by the colors and charm of these two famous neighborhoods and may have forgotten to visit the lesser known barrio Barracas with it’s Pasaje Lanin. A cobblestoned street, where all the houses are decorated with colored tile mosaics, created by the artist Marino Santa Maria (check his website here). In my opinion, a real hidden gem in Buenos Aires. I wonder,do any of you know if there are some other similar places full of ceramic/mosaic tiled decorated houses (except Barcelona:)) ).

Click to enlarge the pictures


Location: Pasaje Lanin

This blogpost is also my entry to the “Photo A Day Challenge”  with theme of the day “Ceramic”.

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  1. Oooh, what a happy location and great photographs. I have never seen photos from here or I’d remember! And the doors! Such joy! Thank you for these.

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