The weekly theme of Cee’s Black & White Photo Challenge, Flowers, reminds me of my visit to a huge park in Buenos Aires: Parque Tres de Febrero,and more specific in this park: “Paseo Del Rosedal“/ “The Rose Garden Walk“. If you plan to visit Buenos Aires, I can really recommend this park to have a walk, observing people, row your boat on the lake and admire the roses and flowers on Paseo Del Rosedal.

It’s rather rare that I photograph flowers, would be nice to hear your feedback guys (and ladies:) ).

Black & White Rose @Paseo Del Rosedal
Exif:  60mm ISO 100 f4,5  1/500sec
Black & White Rose @Paseo Del Rosedal
Exif: 50mm ISO 100 f4,5 1/1600sec

Map Parque De Tres Febrero

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