When I am walking through the streets, parks and squares, I really like to observe the people. And when possible, capture a bit of this street life:). This family selfie has been captured at Place de Catalunya, the epic center of touristic Barcelona.

The ingredients are simple: a selfie stick, a mobile phone, your widest smile, pick an epic landmark and of course, your beloved ones around you. Definitely a great memory for this family:).

A Family Selfie at Placa de Catalunya

9 thoughts on “A Family Selfie at Placa de Catalunya

  1. I watched, and photographed a group of your ladies taking selfies of themselves seeming unaware of the others doing the exact same thing. All oblivious to the fact they were inside an internationally famous art museum.

    Selfies can be sad also.

    1. Well, thats why I photographed this moment. A nice happy familymoment, young and old. I really don’t like this selfie hype… . I was around Parc Guell, wonderfull place… but almost nobody checked the beauty of it, only the mobile phone… . Dissapointing evolution.

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