Are you ready for a collection doors photographed in Spain (Barcelona, Balaguer, Penelles and Zaragoza) the upcoming weeks? Let’s start with a few doors captured during my first walkabout through the streets of   Barcelona.

This is my entry for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge of this week.

Doors in BarcelonaDoors in BarcelonaDoors in Barcelona


10 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Barcelona #1

  1. Wonderful shots. From everything I have heard about it, Barcelona has so much interesting architecture, and of course doors, it can keep a photographer busy for many months.

  2. Yes, I’m ready for a collection doors photographed in Spain (Barcelona, Balaguer, Penelles and Zaragoza) in the upcoming weeks! And this is a lovely start. I love the juxtaposition of old and new, organic and metallic … wonderful!

    1. Glad to hear that you are ready Heide! It’s gonna be a nice mix of old and modern doors, colorful… large and small doors. Stay tuned, thanks for passing by:))). Gr Stef

  3. The doors are nice, but what around it is taking away of their beauty. Not meant as a criticism (I have to keep everyone who talks Dutch/Flemish as friends, because I can count them on one hand!) But, you’re talking to a spoiled brat whose son worked next to the Gaudy cathedral:) Happy weekend!

    1. Hello Jesh, I understand completely your point. Indeed, what around… too touristic,it is damaging the authenticity. If you would ask me what I loved the most in Barcelona… my early morning walk, 6 am at Barri Gotic, no people (except drunk sleeping tourists in the streets), just strolling around in the tiny streets and wandering the doors yes:), street art… a few artists on the little squares who draw in silence the environment. This is unique, this is traveling and exploring for me, not the tourist hustle and bustle in the daytime. Thanks for passing by Jesh. Greets Stef

    1. I do not consider myself as a tourist but more as a explorer:). My favorite thing in Barcelona (my biggest disappointment in years btw… ): 1 my early morning walk in Barri Gottic, 2 my walk through the street to reach the view point bunkers Del Carmel and the last: I discovered two squats (Agora and La Bartola) in Raval. Thanks for passing by and leave a comment:). Gr Stef

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