On a stone’s throw from the sea, walking promenade and the famous Thermae Palace Hotel, you can find on the side wall of our Municipal Swimming Pool a 4 dimensional artwork created by the Belgian Street Art Collective Disorderline.

Inspired by the environment, the wall is colored in blue of the sea, and the brown/ochre color of the sand. This Mural is painted in 2016, the first edition ever of The Crystal Ship  Street Art Festival held in Oostende (Belgium).

Location: Swimming Pool Koningin Astridlaan 1 (Click here)

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Oostende on Streetartcities

Updated 23-03-2021

7 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2016: Disorderline

  1. VERY cool! I love how the art actually creates a whole new sense of dimension for the building. Makes me wonder why architects and artists don’t collaborate on projects more often … but glad you captured this shot!

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