On a stone’s throw from the sea, walking promenade and the famous Thermae Palace Hotel, you can find on the side wall of our Municipal Swimming Pool a 4 dimensional artwork created by the Belgian Street Art Collective “Disorderline”.

Disorderline @ The Crystal Ship Edition 2016
Location: Koningin Astridlaan 1 (Swimming Pool)

Inspired by the environment, the wall is colored in blue of the sea, and the brown/ochre color of the sand. This Mural is painted in 2016, the first edition ever of The Crystal Ship  contemporary Street Art Festival held in my hometown Oostende.

More Disorderline on Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

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7 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2016: Disorderline

  1. VERY cool! I love how the art actually creates a whole new sense of dimension for the building. Makes me wonder why architects and artists don’t collaborate on projects more often … but glad you captured this shot!

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