Hello guys! I am back:), my first blogpost since end of april (well as we all know, sometimes we have to take a little break from social media). Now, I have a little bit more time, and yes, OstendNomad is on the road again! Arrived last Friday here in Barcelona, meanwhile I’ve been to Balaguer, Penelles and Zaragoza and now spend my  last days in Barcelona. No plans, just relax. And maybe schedule some blogposts:).

On topic now, Doors! My entry for the Thursday Doors Challenge are doors captured in the Belgian harbor city Antwerpen (second and last part). The next Thursday Doors will be doors shot in Spain and Catalunya. Have a lovely day folks!

12 thoughts on “Thursday Doors: Antwerp #2

  1. My favorite is the last door – bright but not common! Don’t know if I told before that Antwerpen used to be close to my hometown in childhood, (Goes in Zeeland), so I’ve been there several times. I love the museum with the statues of Henri Moore.

      1. Do you mean where I live now? One and a half hours South East of Sacramento (in the direction of Jackson) and half an hour East of that, in a very tiny town at 3000 feet). This is part of the goldrush (area) of 1849 that made the saying ” the Calfironian dream” so wellknown.

        1. Sorry for the typo “Californian.” I don’t know how to answer your question if Zeeland is underrated, because I lived there only till I was nineteen, and from then on I lived in very big cities like Berlin, the Hague, Los Angeles. Only now have gone back to the country side 4 years ago.

    1. Hello Manja, first of all, thanks for your feedback. On my pc, the pictures are really pretty large, full original format. I made some changes now (this blogpost), better? Regards Stef

      1. Oh, yes, thank you! Now I can enter the gallery, this changes everything. 🙂 Please do like this always when you have doors. 🙂 Or walls! Or anything! 😉

        1. At your service:). Still it’s the original large format:). I have two ways how to make a blogpost (the traditional .com way, and I have another dashboard. Often the more easy .com has a little jetpackcrash, then I continue on the other dashboard which is more devious to upload my media). Thanks for your feedback.

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