Hello my dear readers:)! Today is the kickoff of the third edition of the street art festival ‘The Crystal Ship” in Oostende and you can imagine,  I am really looking forward to the latest creations:). As I am a bit busy today, I have planned tomorrow a “street art hunting bike ride” through my beloved hometown Oostende.

Has someone already heard of Guido Van Helten? Van Helten, an Australian painter known for transforming silos into photorealistic artworks, performed in the first edition (2016) of The Crystal Ship. Guido Van Helten his artwork is based on a photograph that he took of the former fisherman Norbert Desmit, and can be found in the middle of the harbor district, pretty close to another mural painted by Phlegm (Click here). 

Guido Van Helten @ The Crystal Ship Edition 2016

Guido Van Helten on the World Wide Web

Location: Hendrik Baelskaai 40

6 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2016: Guido Van Helten

  1. Oh woow! I love this one. And I love the name Chrystal Ship for this event. As you might know, it’s The Doors song. 🙂

    The crystal ship is being filled
    A thousand girls, a thousand thrills
    A million ways to spend your time
    When we get back, I’ll drop a line ♫♪

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