Hyuro (Tamara Djurovic), born in Argentina but living for quite a while in Spain now, painted her “The Crystal Ship” creation on a wall, just outside the city center of my hometown Oostende. A bit hidden in the port area and industrial park. In her works, Hyuro often deals with a series of women, mundane in appearance – within or against nature. Women at the center of her work communicate how her work is intimate, it is almost as if she is using the wall as a mirror.

The image shows a person recomposing a broken pottery, it will be unthinkable to return it to its original state, neither to know how much it would be able to take once recomposed, not even how much it will be able to resist. Taking this from a more human perspective, this wall speaks about the fragility of life in all its aspects.

Hyuro on the World Wide Web

Location: Oudenburgsesteenweg 12


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