Nicolás Romero Escalada, better known as Eversiempre is a well experienced  Argentinian street art artist who started painting walls in his hometown Buenos Aires. Eversiempre participated in the first The Crystal Ship edition (2016) ever in Oostende,BE and he called his artwork Homenaje Al Pasado Y Futurotranslated in English: “Homage to the Past and Future”. To explain the title of his artwork you have to know a little bit about Belgian (Royal) history and the relationship with my beloved hometown Oostende

The city of Oostende began its great reforms in 1883. King Leopold II earned the nickname the “constructor” for his contribution to public works. These reforms were possible thanks to the large profits that were made from the king’s colony, an area sixty times larger than Belgium: Congo. In Congo, rubber was a resource that became precious because of its use in the automotive and bicycle industries. The king imposed high quotas on rubber production in the Congo and forced the indigenous population to comply using coercive methods and extreme violence. It is estimated that during Leopold’s years of domination about ten million natives were killed in the Congo. Yes, Oostende is built with blood money.

Eversiempre @ The Crystal Ship Edition 2016
Location: Leopold III laan 1

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Update November 2019: This building has been demolished. No more Eversiempre in Oostende. I really liked this piece.

The day before the complete breakdown

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