The in North Wales born illustrator and cartoonist, Phlegm, performed in The Crystal Ship (official website) edition of last year (2017). Phlegm’s work features in the urban landscape, and can mostly be seen in run-down and disused spaces and so also in Oostende. You can find his black/white painted creation on one of the many warehouses in the port area, the east side of Oostende. Oostende, once a flourishing port town, now it’s faded glory. But, a perfect location for Phlegm to show his talent. I admit, yup, I am a Phlegm fan:).

A creation of Phlegm. The Crystal Ship edition 2107

Location: Victorialaan 29

Phlegm on Facebook / Instagram

11 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2017: Phlegm

  1. Wonderful creation. For some reason it reminds me of some of the creatures that were in the Oz books. Not just the Wizard of Oz but there were several other books and they had bizarre ‘things’ that were part machine and part animal and part human. I remember these books from my childhood but sadly they are not all in print now.

    1. WOOOOW! Thanks for sharing this pagE about the Dunedin Street art scene. Phlegm, ROA, Pixel Pancho,Hyuro… Top Artists! Welcome on Greets Stef

        1. Still have more then 500 street art shots(my hometown Oostende, Porto & my most recent visit to Buenos Aires) to upload:). Stay tuned:). Greets Stef

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