One of largest murals  in Oostende is located on the backside of Delhaize supermarket, very close to the railway station and marina. The wall is painted by the Brussels based Hell’O Collective ( Jérôme Meynen & Antoine Detail ), The Crystal Ship Edition 2017


Hell’O Collective on the World Wide Web

Location: Perronstraat

4 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2017: Hell’O Collective

  1. I really like street art that have a closer resemblance to real art – it uplifts the area – especially if it’s an industrial area or an area at the back-end of a neighbourhood.

    1. Totally agree with your opinion. Before some years, many people related graffiti to ‘Vandalism’ but it seems that this stigma is gone. And its good. Many towns held street art festivals now and give more color to their neighboorhoods. Locations where the tourists mostly not come. Can we call it streetarttourism:)? Thanks for commenting.

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