Someone has already heard of The Crystal Ship (website here)? Well, it’s a new annual contemporary Urban Art Festival held in my hometown Oostende, Belgium. And it’s already the 3th edition this year! Our walls are painted by famous artists like Bosoletti, stencil artist Jaune, Guido Van Helten, OAKOAK, Sebas Velasco and many others! To my opinion, one of the biggest stars of this edition is going to be the Argentian artiste Milu Correch. She is just BRILLIANT! Check out her Instagram and you’ll notice how talented she is.

The first mural I’ll show in my new series, is a creation of two Belgian artists Smates and Locatelli. The nice story behind this mural: the owner of this house went on a trip to Africa and she specifically asked for a work with animals that occur in Africa.

Smates and Locatelli

Location: Corner Blauwkasteelstraat / Sint-Catharinaplein

More Smates on Instagram / Official Website

More Locatelli on Instagram / Facebook / Official Website

If you plan to visit my city Oostende (or Bruges, a 14 minuts train ride away), let me know in advance and with pleasure I will guide (free bike rent/or walk) you through the streets of my hometown. Those who prefer to discover the artworks on theirselves: I created a Oostende Google Street Art map as well.

Unfortunately, this mural is gone now. Mohamed l’Ghacham created a new finished artwork on this wall for The Crystal Ship edition 2019. Click here to admire his work.

8 thoughts on “The Crystal Ship 2016: Smates & Locatelli

  1. Very nice of you to promote your home town, that shows character and heart ! But tell us the truth…is there snow in Oostende too ? If you can believe it, we’ve just come back from Sofia where we were almost riding in a sledge with Santa :):):) on the landing lanes of the airport. If I hadn’t the little prince who depends on me I would come to this interesting festival so I wish you to enjoy it with the friends who are coming, too & take care of your lungs!

    1. Hey hey:), Snow is gone and we are all waiting for a bit of sunshine:). How was your trip to Sofia? Except the snow and Santa’s sledge:)? Well, when your little prince gets older, maybe he gonna like painted walls too:). Oostende a top destination for every age and every season:). By the way, you have ever been too esch sur alzette? The street art capital of luxembourg:). xxx stefi

  2. I’m off to Nuart this year (Aberdeen is my home town) so won’t be able to see the third edition of the Crystal Ship but the fourth edition… fingers crossed I can make it! I’ll be in Antwerp in September all going well so if I can fit in a visit I will!

    1. Let me know if you are coming to belgium, with pride and pleasure I can guide you around in my city Oostende. In May, I am going to Paris (focus on Vitry Sur Seine and Belleville), Bristol… You know why:) and finish in London. StreetArtMania! Other places on bucket list: Azores and Wynwood(Miami). Greets Stef

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