A photography  walk through “Maria Hendrika park” was exactly what Ostendnomad  really needed. A little bit  me time, away from all my ‘to do lists’.

Macroshots (or close ups), is an aspect in the world of photography that I am not so good at. Usually my creative eye see landscapes,abstract stuff etc, but  the fallen snow, was a great opportunity to shoot a few close ups and improve my photography skills:). I am satisfied with the result of the shots, but there is room for improvement (better focus).

Until next time:).

6 thoughts on “My Hometown Oostende: #2 February Winter Impressions

  1. Very well done and also poetical… you have impressed me! A little symphony of frozen water and your creative forces are jumping for the ride 🙂 Good health and long sleep, take it easy with the baking !

    1. A little Symphony of frozen water… you are my favo poet number 1:)! Well, now it’s your turn (if you find the time) would be nice to see a few pics of snowy Luxembourg on your blog:)! Challenging?:) Thanks for passing by my friend! x stef

  2. What beautiful images … they almost make me fall in love with winter (almost!). I really like your new profile photo too. Is that by chance a Mexican mariachi hat? 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Heide:)! The winter is a nice period, but I am also happy when it gets more warm:). Well Heide, me former picture was ok, but my mariachi selfie suits better to a photography/travel blog:). Picture is taken in Merida, Mexico. Ever been to Mexico? Greets Stef

      1. I agree that your mariachi selfie adds a certain flair to your travel/photography blog, Stef — it’s perfect, in fact! And yes, I actually lived in Mexico for five years as a child and have many fond memories. Never made it to Mérida, though, so perhaps it’s time to go back.

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