I have been following the various Cee’s Photo Challenges for a long time, but I never participated. Well, let’s change this:). The topic of this week is “Letter W – Needs to start with W and have two vowels in the word” . So, my first entry in Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge, are “Windows”  I’ve captured in New York City (2015).New york City Windows 3New york City Windows 4New york City Windows 5New york City Windows 6New york City Windows 7New york City Windows 8New york City Windows 1New york City Windows 2

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13 thoughts on “Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Windows in New York City

      1. Somehow it has always been a never never to me. Even more so now with Trump in power. Sorry if this offends you – hopefully it doesn’t!

        1. Each has his opinion… but a president or leader will never doubt me to visit a place. The awesome places in New York, Manhattan,Brooklynn were already there before trump right? And undoubtly, if there is a place on earth, a place that have something for each of us: nature, culture, museums and so much more. Yup, then its definitly new york region. Last years, I felt more liberated when I’ve started to look through the stereotype views we sometimes can have about a place. Is a waterfall, or museum less or more interesting with Obama or with Trump? Thanks for passing by Leya 🙂

          1. Interesting thinking. Of course you are right, but I guess I am stuck in my thinking. And my friends over here with relatives or work in the US, state how difficult and cumbersome and annoying it is to enter the country, at least through certain airports. My best friend is a professor in gerontology, and several times a year goes for big conferences and such over there – she has been very insultingly treated at the airport several times.
            Maybe I will overcome my aversion some day…

  1. Wonderful takes on the challenge! Thank you for giving me a little taste of NYC through your eyes.

    1. Thank you so much for this lovely words:). I am blogging for about two, last year intensive and it gave me already so much pleasure and knowledge(about websites, improving my english and much more). Stay tuned, soon big changes on my blog-> new website, hosting, no more wordpress.com. Going a step further. Maybe it’s about time to visit Luxembourg ;). Greetz stef

  2. Wonderful photos, but I particularly love the last one for that tiny glimpse of the old AT&T building on Madison Ave. The one that looks like a piece of furniture. 🙂 When I first lived in NYC, I had an apartment in Queens and the subway was above ground there. Riding the subway in and out of Manhattan each day, I’d always look for that building.

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