As I promised (and a bit later then expected:( ), the second part of my street art hunting exploration in Covilhã. In this episode you can find my captured Woolfest artworks created between 2015 and 2017.


Antonio Correia aka Pantonio is Portuguese artist, born in the Azores.

Pantónio 2015 1
Created by Pantonio
Pantónio 2015 2
Created by Pantonio


Francisco Bosoletti, a Argentinian rebel and artist. Known for his large scale poetic and  eclectic murals. Fran Bosoletti his Instagram

Bosoletti 2017
Artwork created by Bosoletti.

Las Medianeras

Haven’t found information about the artist(s) Las Medianeras. Street art is not always about graffiti, but also about installations, tiles, ceramic and much more.

Las Medianeras 2017
Created by Las Medianeras


Samina, another well talented Portuguese artist. And I have to admit, I am a fan! After seeing this mural, I researched him on Instagram, the playground for street art lovers:). White, grey,black, grey,portraits and cubism. Samina created this mural ( Sr Viseu) in 2015. Check out his Instagram account here

Samina 2015


In the middle of the historical center of Covilha, you can find Third, his mural. This mural is an ode to all the machines that fed Covilha’s textile industry. Before many years, the cities biggest industry. Created by the Portuguese artist Third.Third 2017

Regg Salgado

As you can see, Regg Salgado his mural “Fio Conductor”  is also influenced by Covilha’s history and textile industry. Wanna see more murals created by the Portuguese artist Regg Salgado? Check out his Instagram

Regg Salgado Fio condutor 2017

Doa Oa

Doa Oa her creations are inspired by nature,flowers, plants and much more.

Doa Oa 2017 2Doa Oa 2017 1

Lata 65

This Mural is the result of a  Lata 65 workshop. A Graffiti workshop for the elderly,isn’t it that cool?

Lata 65 workshop 2017 2Lata 65 workshop 2017 1


This creation was inspired by Amalia Rodrigues her Fado song “Covilha, Cidade Neve”, a song about Covilha’s history and wool/textile industry. Halfstudio 2017Halfstudio 2017-3Halfstudio 2017-2

Gijs Vanhee

Through the years, Urban Woolfest invited several international artists, and one of them is the Belgian artist Gijs Vanhee.

Gijs Vanhee 2016

Did you check my first blogpost about Covilha’s Urban Art Festival? Click here.

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