The town of Covilhã is divided in two parts: the lower part of the city, and the more upper part. The upper part is just that little more picturesque than the lower part. Narrow streets, cute lovely tiny doors and a bit of abandonment ( faded glory of the textile manufacturing). In the lower part of the city, you can find a huge shopping mall and between the busstation and railway station: an artificial designed Jardim do Lago. An modern architectural masterpiece, built in 2005. I passed by this lake just before the sunset, a perfect moment to grab my camera and experiment with my HOYA 7 2/3 stops filter:). I am quiet satisfied with the result of my filter experiments, always fun to make some steps forward in the big big world of photography and try new things.


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  1. That early-morning light is so subtle that it’s difficult to capture — but you’ve done so beautifully! Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

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