A while ago, I’ve read an article in a travel magazine about the street art scene in the center of Portugal and more specific about the Wool Urban Art Festival in Covilhã. Covilhã was once known for it’s textile industry and  became now a real Street Art paradise. A big thanks to two Portuguese artists, Lara Seiko Rodrigues and her brother Pedro Seiko Rodrigues, who decide to give in the year 2011, Covilhã, a little bit more color in the form of urban art. Exhibitions, workshops for seniors, masterpieces created by Bordalo II, ADD FUEL  and many more talented artists. Even, the WOOL Urban Art Project went international to Roubaix (France), Paris and Djerba (Tunesia) and held exhibitions and spray walls into art.

Painted walls come and go, and it’s impossible to photograph all the creations because some are outside the city. But I assume, my dear followers, you are going to be delighted with the creations I can share:). In this episode, the artworks created between 2011 and 2014.


Andrea Michaelsson, better known as Btoy, a Spanish stencil artist.

Btoy 2011
Created by Btoy in 2011
Btoy 2011 1
Created by Btoy in 2011
Btoy 2011 3
Created by Btoy in 2011
Btoy 2011
Created by Btoy in 2011


ADD FUEL, a Portuguese artist, known for his stencils and ceramic. Pity enough, some of his creations did exist anymore in Covilha but good I found the most important one:). Wanna see more of ADD FUEL? Check out his Instagram . 

Add Fuel 2014Add Fuel 2014 2Add Fuel 2014 1LATA 65

LATA 65 being represented by L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão. Created in 2014.

LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014

LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 8
Last night I dreamt that somebody loved meLATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 6LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 5
LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 4
Last night I dreamt that somebody loved me

LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 3LATA 65 L IS NOT AN ARTIST aka Luísa Cortesão 2014 2



A creation by PFFF (Pieter Frank de Jong, a dutch artist). Created this artwork in 2012.

PFFF 2012


A Spanish artist, with an original artist name:). Painted in 2011.Uriginal 2011

ARM Collective

A collaboration between Miguel Caeiro aka RAM (Portuguese artist) and Gonçalo Ribeiro aka MAR (Portuguese artist). Created in 2011.

Arm Collective_-2

Arm Collective
Created by Arm Collective, in 2011.


Portuguese artist, created in 2011. “Quando for grande quero ser feliz”-> When I grow up, I want to be happy.

Adres 2011

Nilo Zack

Brasilian artist-> instagram . Created in 2011

Nilo Zack 2013

Tamara Alves

Tamara Alves, one of the most notorious female artists in Portugal, and after seeing this masterpiece. I have to admit, I am a fan! And even the location of this mural is great: a lookout on the lower town and hills around Covilha. Love Covilha! This creation, named “Wild Orphan” is created in 2014.

Tamara Alves 2014 Wild Orphan


A Barcelona based artist. He painted already walls in Mexico City, Morocco, New york, Copenhagen,Italy and much more other places. This mural is painted in 2012. More of his creations to see on his instagram, click here.

Kram 2012


±MAISMENOS± is an intervention art project  created by the Portuguese artist Miguel Januário which offers a critical reflection on the model of political, social and economic organization that manages contemporary urban societies. With often a critical and provoking touch. Created in 2014.

±MaisMenos± 2014 1


Created by the Portuguese artist MrDheo. Check his instagram to see more of his awesome creations.

Mr. Dheo 2014

Bordalo II

Bordalo II, a world famous, Portuguese, artist who turns trash into art. Absolutely one of best street artists on this planet for the moment. Below you see why.

Bordalo II Owl Eyes 2014 1

Bordalo II Owl Eyes 2014 2
Owl Eyes, created by Bordalo II

As you noticed,I’ve saved my most favorite creation for the last. Are you also blown away by Bordalo II his creation/installation? Or Tamara Alves her “Wild Orphan” is more the style you prefer? Feel free to leave a comment:). Until next time….

15 thoughts on “Street Art Around The Globe: “WOOL- Covilhã Urban Art Festival Portugal (part one)”

  1. So…..this is a great post, as all your previous! I am in awe of street artists and their work, and with this post, I was able to add (and appreciate) a few more on instagram. Thank you!

  2. Bordalo II’s work is certainly the most arresting of the lot, isn’t it? There’s something about the combination of texture and abstraction that stops you in your tracks. But that in no way diminishes the outstanding work of the rest of the artists! How lucky you are to have seen these all “in situ.” Thank you for sharing them with your readers!

  3. Wonderful set. I began to discover street art in Portugal, first in Lisbon but then some incredible work in Porto. Some of these are really incredible.

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