Few days ago, I’ve uploaded  “Abstract Porto (part one)”  and have to say and admit, I was overwhelmed by positive, warm and encouraging comments. Thanks to all of you:)! My blogpost of today, the second part of my abstract postcards of Porto. Have a joyful Sunday:)!

Abstract Porto 2.1
Stairs behind bars

Abstract Porto 2.2Abstract Porto 2.3Abstract Porto 2.4Abstract Porto 2.5

Abstract Porto 2.6
Porto Sandeman

Abstract Porto 2.7

Abstract Porto 2.8
Green Tiles
Abstract Porto 2.9
Boavista Porto Stadium

Abstract Porto 2.10

Abstract Porto 2.11

Abstract Porto 2.12Abstract Porto 2.13


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9 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #44 “Abstract Porto (second part)”

  1. Loving the gas station shot – funny how the most mundane things can be so compelling! I’m hoping to get to Porto this summer – thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Cool pictures. I like the one with the duplex doors- seems to show how two things can be the same and yet not:)

  3. Yes, another wonderful album. I agree with Anne Leueen – – lots of interesting angles, slants, clean geometric shapes. I really like the shadows one – – did you wait around there, until the shadows exactly reached the other side of the roadway?
    And good idea to put those stairs behind bars, who are they to rise above their station! 🙂

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