Last day of 2017! Time flies so fast! A good moment to look back on what happened in 2017


My wild hairs and years are gone, I am not the party animal anymore. Usually, I work on New Years Day. The more younger colleagues can stay home and recover from there hangover:). The nice advantage of working on New Years Day: I can take the day off on another day, when I want to. 3 January,I left for a 3 days getaway to the German city Hamburg. Click here to see some photographs of my Hamburg city trip.


Nothing much happened in cold and rainy February.  When I look back on my published posts: uploaded a gallery about my hometown Oostende.

Oostende Casino
A black/white view on Oostende Casino and Promenade

To see more an abstract view of my hometown and birthplace?-> My Hometown Oostende #5 Lines & Curves


Booked my flight to Mexico City (April holidays), and my favorite football team KV Oostende wrote history! We reached the final of the belgian cup! Even though we lost the final, we had an awesome day with friends and many many many thousand fans (minimum 12.000). The commercial cell created a great campagne to get much fans as possible in Brussels. The 2 months before the final was so exciting! Check the youtube clip, to see and hear those lovely kids singing the ‘cupsong’. Still get tears in my eyes. The youth, our future. #LoveOostende.


The disappointment of the lost final is gone. Back to traveling! Mexico Mission! Ruins of Uxmal, lazy beach life in Puerto Progreso, experience the hustle and bustle in Mexico City. Strolling around in the white city Merida. This Mexico trip was a gorgeous highlight. One of my favo Mexico blogposts-> Puerto Progreso Beach


May, not that spectacular. Took the opportunity to go back to Pardubice. A city in East Bohemia, Czech Republic. Just for one evening, say hello to some friends.

Kuba, Lucka and Me
Kuba and Lucka, consider them as my czech brother and sister. 15 years ago, lived 2 months on their side when I participated in an exchange project in the food technology school of Pardubice.


My annual June holidays brought me to Italy and Slovenia! Flew to Trieste, continued my way to the Slovenian towns Kobarid, Tolmin and Ljubljana. My most exciting experience? Paragliding! High in the sky! Check out: #Yolo! Flying Like a Bird!


My beloved football team won the play off final and won a ticket to the pré-qaulification round of the Europe League! Won or lose, doesn’t matter! Again history! 1200 Fans travelled to Marseille. Chanting and dancing at Le Vieux Port/Old Harbour district. Lost this game but we had a blast!

Enjoy 9 minuts of KV Oostende Passion

Marseille with friends
Hanging out in a local pub. Red Yellow Green, our true colors!


Returngame KV Oostende -Marseille. Our chances to qualify decreased, but we didn’t really care. Home game ended on 0-0 and eliminated.

There is much more than football in my life:), so back to my other passion: Photography. Bought a HOYA PRO ND200 7 2/3 stops light loss filter. Went for a bike ride through the green belt of my city, and experimented with the filter. Underneath the result of this first try-out.

Salt Creek Oostende
View on the “Zoute Kreek ” (Salt Creek)


In september,we went for a weekend to the Ardennes( French part of Belgium) with my relatives. Rest and relax. Always nice to spend time with my lovely nieces.

My nieces Jutta, Marthe, and me:).


October was soooooo busy! My first participation in a art-exhibition ever! You can read everything  at this published post: Neighbors At The Artists


November, was a… strange, hard month. Dad received not so positive news about his health. Undergone a lung biopsy .Waiting for the diagnoses, uncertainty. The last results were more positive. Still other examinations must be done. We keep the faith!


The months October and November: really stressful. 2 weeks ago, the granddad of my godchild died. He was the one who inspired me to become a baker, 20 years ago. For myself, got medical examinations on work (I am an operator in industrial bakery).  Probably, I have to deal with dust lungs. A known baker’s disease. Further examinations are needed.

I’ve screamed for holidays. Mental and physical rest. Decided to go for a week to Portugal: Porto, Viseu, Estarreja, Covilha. Walking, exploring, discovering. Reload my batteries.

Lone Fisherman
Lone Fisherman along the Atlantic Coast
Rough Ocean
Rough Ocean


It took me few hours to create this 2017 review. Going through my pictures and blogposts. Going through my emotions as well. 2017 was a good year in generally. My goals and wishes for 2018? Cliché, but true: happiness and a good health for my dad, family, friends. For everybody! Other wishes? Return to Ostende in Argentina, will be the theme for an photography exposition(September 2018) in my hometown Oostende (Belgium). And if possible, maybe set my first footsteps on Asian ground? Thailand? Indonesia? I’ll see.

Thanks to all of you. Blogging became more and more important into my life. Thank you so much for all the encouraging comments, constructive critics. Thank you so much for following my blog, day in day out. Enjoy the last day, the last evening of 2017. Happy New Year!

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27 thoughts on “My 2017 Review

  1. What a wonderful round-up of the year! I know a friend of a friend who’s gone from the UK to live in Indonesia with his fiancé and he loves it, so I hope you get to go. Here’s to a fantastic 2018! 🙂
    Caz x

  2. Best wishes to you, Stef, your father, and your whole family. I hope the dust lung/baker’s asthma, whatever does not prove troublesome for you – – here in the U.S., more & more types of jobs, they pay more attention to dust, whether woodworkers, plaster, etc. and are wearing filter masks. Your blog has never failed to be interesting and good photography.

    1. I hope they allow me to work with a filter mask, otherwise have to look for another job. But ok, thats part of life. Wish you a joyful and healthy 2018! Greets Stef

  3. Lovely photos, interesting report. I wish you health and happiness in 2018, and especially recovery for your lungs.

  4. Bonjour de nouveau! Again nice stories coming from the Oostende modern bard 🙂 I hope you have been enjoying the magical Christmas days and also these 2018 New Year moments. I am sorry about your dad, I sincerely hope he will get better, keep my fingers crossed for him; just remember that besides medication or therapy, moral support is essential and can make a big difference. If you have an email, can you mention it here? I would like to send you something. Good luck for your dad!
    Thus, I wish you Une Tres Bonne Annee 2018 with great health and vitality, lots of joy near your loved ones, success for all your plans and happiness all along the year ! Congrats for your beautiful 2017 achievements!

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely words, your courage you give me. The moral aspect is so important yes, we do much more things together. Instead of material gifts, we go for breakfast together, or sent my parents to concerts etc. My christmas/newyear was nice and calm. Family, and friends. Wish u all the best for 2018, realize your dreams, goals, targets and a good health for you, family and amigos:). Greetz stef x

      1. Thanks for the email and for the fast reply, I will tell you why I was a bit late with the wishes. And also keep in mind that you are a great person with a great heart, you deserve the best! A bientot, avec bonnes nouvelles 🙂

  5. What a busy year! Great update! Looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in-store for you!

    1. Was good year,definitely . Well I can announce already… nice things to come! I’ve started already with the preparation of an exposition (september), and for this exposition I am going to fly to argentina in March. Good begin! Hope your 2018 will be even exciting,and that you can manage all your goals and target:). Happy New Year and welcome on my blog:)

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