One of my priorities to visit in Zagreb was Museum of Illusions. What to expect of this museum? Ehmmm… Really didn’t know. Illusions:)? Yes! Welcome to the world of Illusions and experience the impossible! The Museum is very interactive: a rotated room, educational puzzles and games, optical illusions and much much more.  It’s just fun for young and old.20171009-DSC06459  And the nice thing is, open daily from 9am-10pm. Explore Zagreb city in the daytime, and spend your evening in this brilliant museum. Fun guaranteed! Even if you are not a fan of museums? Give it a try:). With this blogpost I show you  stuff you can see and experience in this museum.

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The Beuchet Chair Illusion

The Magic box

Human Ostendnomad Dessert:)

Random Stuff

The Location


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