Hello Hello! Last two weeks, unfortunately no uploads (only a reblogged post: click here , maybe in the future I will reblog more posts when I’m limited in time to create own posts/uploads).  I had some busy weeks (got ill/run-down, nightshifts at work, preparing my first art event ever, family gatherings and some renovation in my apartment). And now??? Back to blogging business:)!  Finally my deserved holidays!  My first footsteps on Croatian grounds! A Five days Zagreb city break:).

Last two years, visiting the local market became one of my priorities when arrived on a new destination. The hustle and bustle, the colors, fruits and vegetables, screaming vendors. Touch of the local life! The most famous market in Zagreb is the ‘Dolac Market’, located on the north of Zagreb’s main square Ban Jelacic.

On street level are indoor stalls (meat), on the elevated square we find fruits,vegetables, handcraft stuff,flowers etc,… . Visited the market after noontime, most vendors were closing and cleaning their stalls but lucky enough,still had a glimpse of  Zagreb’s Dolac Market.

7 thoughts on “Dolac Market

  1. Lovely vivid photos! Unfortunately I just passed through Zagreb, on the way to Ptuj (Slovenia) on a business trip; but as I wanted a few souvenirs, I bought a lot of things in the Zagreb airport 🙂 It seems that indeed you have been busy but also a bit sick, I can give some advice for the colds/illness; as the cold season is coming and to avoid too much medicine, you could have a cure with things like vit. C&echinacea, pollen/propolis(bee products)&honey, ginseng, Zinc, citrus fruits, Selenium, Magn., Siberian ginseng. The list is long but you can combine or alternate them especially before the cold comes.
    Concernng markets-I adore them! This is one of the things I miss from home, where I practically find everything at amazing prices, in every season. In Luxembourg, there are few markets and they function only twice per week; I have started to cultivate a few things in the balcony, like strawberries, peppers, rosemary, a small citrus tree.. simple things but which can make me feel a bit like home. I need a constant connection with nature as I feel really grateful for all the amazing fruits, vegetables, plants&herbs, flowers, etc. that we can enjoy on this planet.

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