This museum (Museum of Remembrance and Human Rights) should be a required stop for every traveller to Buenos Aires. The museum is actually a large former campus of several buildings of the Naval High School, to help train and prepare young men for service. During Argentina’s Dirty War from 1976-1983, it also held prisoners in the officers’ quarters. Held in the attic, prisoners were tortured, killed and “transfered” to their execution, often by being thrown out of aircraft. The pictures are haunting. Make sure to stroll the grounds and visit other buildings on campus.

A video: Stolen children of Argentina’s dictatorship search for the truth

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4 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #28 “Espacio Memoria y Derechos Humanos ex Esma”

  1. I knew about these stories with the children who were practically stolen from their families…Unfortunately there are also some stupid laws in north-western Europe who allow people from state institutions to steal babies/kids from their families on the basis of ‘presumptions’….I know several couples who had these problems. Concerning the dictatorship,torture&co…again I cannot imagine such criminal minds anywhere…and we read about such people constantly…Another reason to give a plus to many species of animals which are clearly superior to humans….

  2. Very important and unfortunate part of Latin America’s recent history. Was sorry I missed this one but was heartened to see many other memorials to the disappeared in other parts of the country. Thanks for the videos, too.

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