One of my favorite landmarks in Cordoba (Argentina) is the impressive beautiful neo-gothic “Iglesia de Los Capuchinos”, located in the downtown (Obispo Oro Street). The two towers represents the duality of the human body; the truncated tower represents the matter that perishes and decays, while the other represents the soul that ascends.


Wish everybody a nice weekend! Which churches/cathedrals did you impressed the most on your travels?

9 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #27 “Iglesia de Los Capuchinos”

  1. I love the mystical colours you’ve captured on the internal shots. Beautiful.

    I haven’t travelled far so haven’t seen many churches. But York Minster is my favourite.

    Wishing you a joyful weekend too.

  2. Your church presented above is interesting, the colours are very original. So far, I have liked some churches I have discovered in Romania, Hungary, Italy and Spain. It is a good idea for a next blog post 🙂 May all the good energies show you the right path!

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