Day after the Kobarid-Javorca Memorial Church hike, I was so tired. Legs and thighs hurted like hell. The only thing I had to do was packing my bags and leave to Tolmin,to have an overnight there. When the night fell over Tolmin, decided to take my camera and tripod for a short night walk in this lovely town. Close to my hostel, Was intrigued by the shadows of a statue and a tree, reflected on a wall. On request,I can try a black and white version? Share your comments and feedback please:).

Shadows of a tree and statue
Shadows of a tree and a statue

7 thoughts on “Night Shadows in Tolmin

  1. I think a black and white version would be cool! Love seeing contrast photos. Please share 🙂

  2. The statue is almost overwhelming for me, I didn’t notice the tree until I read the words. Intriguing as always from you.

  3. Interesting photo. I didn’t notice the tree’s shadow until I read it. =) Yes, black and white version might be dramatic as well.

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