While I was flying in the sky ( check out my Paragliding Experience ), intrigued by nature, hills and mountains, I’ve got the great idea: why not hike to the Javorca Memorial Church, through  the mountains, and not take the easy way ( via Tolmin town)? Bought a good map with  walking paths, prepared my bag (food, water,raincoat, camera,mobile phone: gps,etc,…) and I was ready for another adventure.

Left Kobarid 9am in the morning, in direction of Ladra. At the edge of the field in the west part of Ladra village stands an Italian Military Chapel that served for the outdoors religious ceremonies. Altitude: (only) 216m above sea level



From Ladra village, walked straight into  Smast village. Altitude: 244m



From Smast village, I had already a nice view on the higher located village of Libusnje and the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit. The way to Libusnje? Uphill:)!!!! Altitude: 413m



Next stop: Vrsno. What’s to see there? Another WW2 memorial,and some bunkers along the way.



That was already a very tough part! My bottle of water came empty,so in the next village (Krn) I had to fill my bottle. I knocked someone’s door, A lovely old lady opened the door and with a huge smile she filled my bottle. She went to her kitchen, came back with a cup of tea and she even offered me to have a dinner with her. A perfect example of the Slovenian hospitality I experience during my stay in this lovely country. It’s a pity, but I couldn’t accept her offer, noticed already some dangerous clouds. I had to reach my target, Javorca Church!


Curious to the altitude? Meanwhile 870m above sea level .

From now, my hike became really though and hard. Through the forests and hills, through the green. Smell the Julians Alps. But, I loved it!!!! The clouds made me a bit scary.


The scenery was mind blowing. I wished I could take more pictures but unfortunately, it started raining. And I had to hurry up: mountains, raining and losing time: dangerous combination. Safety first. Altitude unknown, more then 1000m for sure.

After an 1,5 hour hiking in the rain, I reached my target: The Memorial Church of the Holy Spirit. A church that is dedicated to the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders on the Tolmin Battlefield of the Isonzo front (1915-1917). The church is also built by the Austro-Hungarian soldiers. Inside the church, you can find in the oak panels the names of the 2564 soldiers who fell in the surrounding  battlefields and are buried in Loce, close to Tolmin. Church is open till 5pm. In summer time till 7pm.


And, it was still raining! Way back? About 3 hours to Tolmin (normal road). I was thinking to hitchhiked back,why not give it a chance. Along the way I saw a parked car. Still hoping, maybe this car will go down later? Yes! An hour later,this car came down and stopped before I could show my thumb up(hitchhiking sign). The driver opened the  door,asked me that I was ok and if I need a ride… Yes!!!!! Slovenian hospitality! Without asking, they offer you help! Was a great ride, and great talk with this guy. Many locals, work in the tourism industry or have experience with adventure sports (driver was a flyfishing guide). And more important, they know that the nature is always stronger! He dropped me in Tolmin, there I took lunch… I was EXHAUSTED! But still have to go back to my base, Kobarid. Let’s hitchhike! The 4th car, stopped by and took me to Kobarid, and dropped me at my hotel. The driver, also an experienced adventure guide(Solo paraglider, Canyoning) shared me a lot of interesting stories and recommended me a lot of places to discover.



Left Kobarid at 9am. Back in Kobarid: 6,30pm. Do I recommend this hike? Yes, but NOT if you have kids.  When you pass Krn town, easily you can get lost, so make sure you have GPS or a good map with you. And a raincoat!:). It was a fantastic feeling: day before Paragliding, now an adventures hike. So happy and proud to stepped out of my comfort zone!


WPC: Satisfaction



17 thoughts on “The Kobarid-Javorca Memorial Hike

  1. Yeah! I’m so glad my compatriots left a nice, hospitable impression. They even gave you Cedevita, my favourite orange drink! 😀 I believe its recipe stays the same since Yugoslavia. I always bring it from Slovenia with my to Italy. You had one major hike, excellent. The Javorca church, compared to Italian cathedrals, doesn’t seem such a big deal, but I still wish to see it. And Vrsno – if you haven’t read it anywhere – is the birthplace of Simon Gregorčič, one of major Slovenian poets who wrote the famous ode to the Soča river. “You are beautiful, the daughter of the mountains.” 🙂

    1. Hi Manja! It was a huge hospitable impression! So that tea was Cedevita?! Its a great region, and this hike I really recommend this to you! Love slovenia! Enjoy ur sunday Manja!

  2. Wow! That Italian Chapel is very tiny! You have excellent composition and know how to center the subjects of your pictures.
    All of your pictures are very good, but I really like your pictures of the Parish Church of the Holy Spirit, and I also love the waterfall picture and the one of the Krn village building with the roses growing up the side. I would love to download a copy of these pictures so I can use them as computer desktop screens and/or screen-savers–just to see such beauty “all the time”! May I have your permission to do so? (Also, to help you with your English skills: it is “tough” to hike up a mountain path, not “though.”) Blessings, my traveling friend; stay safe!

    1. Hello Raylene! Thank you so much for you comments and feedback. Really appreciate this. You have my permission to copy the pictures you want as your screensaver. Hope the qaulity is good, I can email you the raw version if you want. Regards Stef

      1. Thank you, Stef! I will be sure your watermark always shows so anybody else will know where these wonderful pictures come from!

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