One of my favorite cities in Europe is definitely Ljubljana. Why? A little tiny romantic city with great architecture and lot of green around. And you never have the impression that you ended up in a capital city.  What I planned to do in Ljubljana? not that much, just enjoy,relax and go into the streets with my camera (I’ve been in Ljubljana before). My first stop was the famous Butchers Bridge (in Slovenian language: Mesarski Most), the bridge that connects the Ljubljana Central Market and the “Petkovškovo nabrežje“. Why is this bridge so famous? Because of the love padlocks. Ljubljana is the city of love isn’t it?

Usually I shoot my photographs with my wide angle lens(Sigma 10-20mm F3.5 EX DC HSM) but for this location I thought, why not to use the Sony 50MM F/1.8 SAM DT? This blogpost is also a contribution to the WPC withe the theme:Focus

Many towns and cities have nowadays a lover bridge, what are the favorite loverbridges of my followers?


Always in my Heart

Love and babies:)

The best place to be in love is… Ljubljana!
The best20170616-DSC06078

Threesome love:)?

Sing a love song:)
More historical information about this bridge you find here.  

I wish a you all a great weekend, with lots of love:)!

17 thoughts on “Urban Photoessay: #13 Ljubljana’s Butchers’ Bridge

  1. Wow!! We have nothing like that here in America that I know of! All your photos are beautiful but I absolutely looove the very first one!

    1. Thanks a lot for your lovely comments:). Well Nel… it’s a nice tradition, and I saw it: couples lock te padlock, throw the key in the Ljubljana river and kissed each other. I Enjoyed this moments too, and didn’t want to photograph this. So, go tomorrow with your love, and a padlock to a bridge… you know what to do:).

      1. 😍 can’t wait til your next post! They continue to get more interesting and exciting each time!

  2. Yes, a nice custom! Much nicer than padlocks on chastity belts! 🙂 I saw this on the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne. I like the last two shots in particular, the old Yale lock and the guitarist is a nice mixture of colors. Have a great weekend!

  3. Nice to know that a person doesn’t have to go to that extremely high mountain place in…I think, China?…where they do this padlock tradition. I thought it was the only place in the world to do such. Glad to know it’s not the only choice! Whew!

  4. Ljubljana is my hometown but as you know, I’ve left it behind and it’s always great to see it. I love your last photo very much, but am not a fan of the padlock craze or the Mesarski most – your wrote “Maserski most”, meaning “The Bridge of Masseur” ;). This bridge is quite new and there are some statues on it that don’t hit my artistic centre. Or more directly – they are rather ugly and brutal. 😀 The view from it is lovely though and the river and little streets around it as well. One or two or three or four or… need to work for love, not lock it up and throw away the key. 😉

    1. Well I agree with the artistic idea, the sculptures are also not my cup of tea. Of course its a more symbolic tradtion the padlocks and throw the the key into the river. We dont know the stories of all those people and the things they survived together. I saw a few couples locking their padlock… and kiss each other… guess they their age was about 50, or 60… . Beautiful!

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