On my way to another urbex location, I found out that there was nearby an abandoned house. So why not have a look inside? It’s just a pity that this  abandoned house is vandalized and the walls are full with graffiti (I prefer personally more the artistic murals:) ). I am not that experienced in Urban Exploring Photography, but was a nice opportunity to gain my skills (also in the post-processing). Location: Trieste region(Italy).

WPC:2017 Favorites/Peek/Weathered

24 thoughts on “Urbex: Abandoned House

    1. Hi Bob! No didn’t watch inside that small case… I try to not touch and move things and stuff I see on a location. I am not an experienced ‘urbexer’, must gain more balls probably:). Thanks for commenting and have a look in my newest photogallery. Enjoy your weekend:)!

  1. I like the “lost chair” shot, poignant. I do not think I will embrace this particular area of photography — here, it might have a meth lab and twitchy guys with guns.

    1. Hehe, well Urban Exploring: danger is always very close. Before going to the location, trying to find much information as possible about how to enter, and other risks.

  2. Woah! These photos are amazing! Almost looks like a movie set to some awesome film!

  3. I love this type of adventures. I have thought about that for a while. I will embark upon this from the help of a friend who repaired very old abandoned house, I just cannot wait to be in an abandoned house.

    1. Totally agree, it’s an amazing place and beautiful surrounding. On the top of the house is a balcony, fantastic scenery from that point. Thanks for passing by! greets Stef

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