It’s a while ago that I’ve posted some food markets and stores pictures. Now, time to upload my “Mercado de la Merced’ photographs. Mercado de la Merced? Yes, La Merced, the largest traditional public market in the (historic) center of Mexico City. A market? Maybe it’s better to call this a village? Without doubt,La Merced was one of my priorities to visit in Mexico City. Belgica-> Mexico City, it took me about 20 hours  traveling by train/bus and plane. Arrived totally exhausted in the evening, went sleeping immediately for few hours and the famous jetlag was there. 5 Am, awake and couldn’t sleep anymore. Took a shower and going to La merced, watch the street life, hear the vendors calling me gringo gringo and see what my breakfast is going to be:).

La Merced is just fun, amazing street life and a real paradise for foodie’s. Hopefully, my pictures can convince you to have a stroll in La Merced area?

Daily Prompt: Spicy
Food Markets & Corner Stores 4Food Markets & Corner Stores 4Food Markets & Corner Stores 4Food Markets & Corner Stores 4Food Markets & Corner Stores 4

My breakfast: fruits salad, cereals and whipped cream:)

12 thoughts on “Food Markets & Corner Stores: #4 “La Merced”

  1. Your breakfast looks delicious! What a variety at that market! Great pictures!

    1. A fresh orange juice and this fruits salad and see amazing vibrant streetlife…. this is what I call a “luxious breakfast:)! Thanks for passing by and commenting Nel!

  2. I was just commenting on Medium the other day about how there are hundreds of posts about how great La Roma, Condesa, and Polanco are, but nobody thinks about stepping out into places like La Merced. It may not be glamorous, but it sure is awesome! Thanks for sharing posts like this 🙂

    1. Indeed, not to most glamorous but just pure real Mexican street life. I really recommend to go “early” in the morning… when they set up the stalls. So nice memories to La Merced! Thanks for sharing your thoughts Fabiola:)!

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