Picture has been shot somewhere in beautiful Barcelona June 2015. Doesn’t he look lovely our harpist? Usually black and white photographs are my preference but now the colored version is my choice. It made me curious what  the opinion of my followers is?

The Harpist
The Harpist
The Harpist
The Harpist in black and white

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9 thoughts on “The Harpist

  1. To be honest, I prefer the colour version for this photo. I agree that Barcelona is an amazing place to discover magical spots to capture for eternity 🙂

  2. Hi Stef – one vote for the color shot. I like the brown & yellow/gold on the harp, and some mellow tones to the blocks. In the B&W shot, the blocks are a bit overwhelming. What do you think, do I sound like a genuine art critic? 🙂

  3. I like the colour shot here but maybe a bit of contrast manipulation of the black and white would do it. It’s a bit flat as it is whereas, in the colour picture, the figure is 3D.

    Bloody good work.


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