Was already some time in my mind: how to make categories, how to make series… what is the best way to share my photo tales to my followers? End of the week, but not too late to start a new series:)!  As written in the title, in my newest series gonna share my pictures shot of (corner) grocery stores and discovered local food markets during my trips.

First gallery of this new series was shot on Sunday 4 december 2016 in Santiago de Chile. My girlfriend got a phone call of her dad, and proposed us to join him to the Sunday farmers market “Feria Aldunate”, located in the San Diego district (nearest metrostations are Toesca & Park O’Higgins). Of course we agreed, and always ready to catch the deals:)! La Vega and Mercado Central are the most known & biggest markets in Santiago de Chile, but Feria Aldunate is a great alternative(and a good way to save money on your travel).

Feria AldunateFeria AldunateFeria AldunateFeria AldunateFeria Aldunate


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    1. Thanks! Totally agree… see how the vendors interact with potential customers… amazing street life! And a perfect way to taste fresh local products.

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