One of the most popular touristic spots in Slovenia is Lake Bled… with in the middle “Church of the Assumption”. Another nice spot and natural wonder is the 1,6Km long trail Vintgar Gorge. Follow the wooden paths, hear the rushing Radovna river, smell the nature and end up with an fantastic view on the Sum waterfall. How to get there? Walk  from Bled town to the entrance of Vintgar Gorge and enjoy the silence and scenery… definitely worth it!

The way to Vintgar Gorge

When I completed the trail… followed the Rebr road straight to Vintgar town were I took the train to Jesenice, spend rest of my day there in this  industrytown located in the Upper Sava Valley, close to the border of Austria. When it got dark, catched the last train to Bled. Lunch In Jesenice, visited a Military Memorial park… half day is enough for Jesenice.

Vintgar Gorge Photo Gallery

The Way To Vintgar Town

Jesenice Town

I’ve made this trip in autumn 2013,and still Slovenia made me a big impression: pure, nature, silence,relax… tiny green country… Europe’s green lung. Slovenia in the autumn period…. just do it!

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23 thoughts on “Walking The Vintgar Gorge

    1. Great photos! I also wish to see the Bled lake. I don’t know if you know the legend about the church on the island in the middle…that if you want to find your soulmate 🙂 Good luck with your travels! I will soon travel to Prague and hope I will have the best romantic sunsets for my photos…and kisses!

      1. Bled Lake is fantastic… for sure in the autumn…those colors, peaceful environment…and some day wanna return there, and go to the island in the middle:)! Enjoy Prague, been there more then 20 times and it still surprise me…(lovely outskirts, hills…). great architecture, good food(gulas). hehehehe, best romantic sunset for pics, and kisses, so true:)! Have a lovely weekend and thanks again for your nice comment 😉 x

  1. Ahh, thank you for glimpses of my country of origin. I’ve enjoyed them very much and they transfer the feel of Slovenia very well. I’m just sorry that you had to finish the lovely day in Jesenice of all places 😀 I haven’t been there for a long time but it used to be the ugliest thing imaginable. Next time, Kranjska Gora! I’ll share this on Twitter and FB.

    1. Well to be honest… was not bad at all… was nice and relaxing and jesenice was improvisation… end up in vintgar town and had plenty of time… . I remembered jesenice from their icehockeyteam so why not give it a chance hehe😀. What do recommend me in kranjska gora? kranj town i have been already.

      1. Oh, yes, Kranj is one thing, and Kranjska Gora is something else. 🙂 Skiing competition are held there, and Planica – the skijumping venue – is close by. I spent many New Year’s Eves in Kranjska Gora. It is magical in winter and an excellent spot in all other seasons as well. Do you often come to Slovenia?

        1. Hello Manja, Well…. been only once in Slovenia(Ljubljana-Bled(and escaped to jesenice for an afternoon hehe), from Bled to Kranj few hours and then the bus to airport…). Things I remember… Kobarid, Tolmin, Maribor,Piran…. to do list:). Greetz ostendnomad stef

          1. Good to meet you, Stef! You saw plenty and the list is good too. 🙂 Slovenia is little but still full of beauty. Haven’t been to Belgium yet. On photos Brugge reminds me of Ljubljana a little.

  2. Stunning, no wonder you have never forgotten this walk. The colours of the trees, water, the buildings and even the path are just lovely. So glad I found this post – thanks to Jo 🙂

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