A form of photography what I’m really into is Urban Exploring(Urbex)… feel, see and shoot the history of abandoned buildings, airports, hospitals, cemeteries etc… .

Juin 2015…. Made another trip to Czech Republic and found an abandoned Chapel & Cemetery of an psychiatric hospital somewhere in the outskirts of Prague. It was on of my first urban exploration ever and it was big fun.



9 thoughts on “Urbex: Abandoned Cemetery & Chapel in Prague

  1. That looks like a chapel that they started to build and was never finished. And cemetries, yup, billions of them around the world have gone bust and not taken care of. The poor souls of our ancestors are resting in a dilapidated state that no one cares about. I once went to a cemetery in Bordeaux, France. At the entry of that cemetery there are security guards 24 on 24. And plus my camera was in my neck and he saw that. I was accompanying a friend of mine whose father was buried there history decades ago. Well the security guard said to me, can I talk to you? I said yes. He said to me that pictures of this cemetery are not allowed to be taken. “wow,” I asked him why? is there anything special with history you would love to tell me about the cemetery? He said to me it is one of the oldest cemetery but pictures cannot be taken. so I tell him, fine right I respect that. The cemetery was wide. My friend told me, it could be there are some historical high profiles buried in that cemetery. And all the graves are beautifully vintage and well maintained, many decades old. and families built small private chapels next to their families graves, and I think that was allowed many dated years back. and some of the chapels the doors were locked by families and some were remained open and people could pray if they wish so. I had never seen a beautiful cemetery, vintage, well kept in my whole life. I will one day returned to visit again, but only sad that pictures cannot be taken, I just want to grab the beauty of that cemetery again. Thank you for posting, I love historical moments, one of my favourites!

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