After spending a great time in Chile, time to return to Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires. Since I’ve visited already most museums, sqaures and other touristic hotspots… why not explore a less known neighbourhood in Buenos Aires, El Barrio Chino? Indeed, Buenos Aires has her own Chinatown and it’s quite easy reachable. Catch the Linea Mitre train(easily paid with Sube Card) at the Retiro railwaystation and get off on Belgrano station. When u get out of the train you will notice immediately the El Barrio Chino characteristics: the typical Chinese and Taiwanese restaurants, grocery stores and a Buddhist Temple.

It’s a great spot to spend some time, try the excellent asian food… buy your stuff in the specialized stores and admire the splendid graffiti around. El Barrio Chino is only a few blocks big, so you wouldn’t get lost:). The best time to visit El Barrio Chino is in the morning, and head on to Tigre (Linea Mitre). A stroll along the Tigre River, a visit to Parque de la Costa, wandering around in the articifical Chinatown or try some street food? Combine El barrio Chino & Tigre and you have a perfect low-cost day trip from Buenos Aires.

Postcards from Tigre

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