September 2015, a love story began… decided to make a roundtrip in Argentina and became attached to this huge,wonderfull country. Now, march 2016 I am back in my beloved country Argentina(combined with Chile).

Monday 14 march, arrived on the  capital’s main airport Ezeiza and took the recommendable transfer AeroBus(cheaper than the more known Tienda Leon Bus) to city centre…. dropped off in one of the most cosy and known Barrio’s  San Telmo of the Argentinian Capital B’Aires. Feels like coming home, a 15 min walk to my Hostel( Hostel Estoril, located at Av. de Mayo) and after 20 hours being on train and plane… OstendNomad Stef needed a well deserved 2 hours rest.

Since I’ve visited already the most main touristic hotspots in Buenos Aires Capital… the idea to visit La Plata, city nearby B’Aires crossed my mind. How to get easy to La Plata? Go to a Kiosco,  gonna see  the small stores everywhere in the street. Ask for a Sube transportcard(45 peso) and put some credit(200 Peso is ok) and head on to the huge Av. 9 de Julio and find the busstop 129…. while you wait for the red 129 Bus… notice the 2 giant murals of Evita Peron. An 1 hour drive to La Plata, get off on Plaza Italia. Spended  about an hour walking through the cosy Soho Style streets, full with boutiques and nice small stores in direction to the mainspot of La Plata: Cathedral de La Plata, inspired by the cathedral of Koln(Germany) and Amiens(France). In front of the Cathedral you’ll will find Plaza Moreno and its a perfect spot to get lazy:). There is no entrance fee for the Cathedral, open 9am to 7pm.

Spend almost an hour in the awesome cathedral…. and then my stomach started to give some signs…. catch a sandwich somewhere and spend again some time walking through the Soho Style Streets before heading to the main busstation of La Plata.

La Plata, a perfect day trip from Buenos Aires!


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